10 Hours of Bitcoin

The fastest path to understanding Bitcoin.

10 Minutes. The Bitcoin Standard Prologue.

Get a sneak peak of the best book ever published on what Bitcoin is, what it’s going to do in the world, and why it matters to you. This is the prologue to the economist Saifedean Ammous’ The Bitcoin Standard.

3 Hours. Bitcoin and Economics.

A six-hour lecture series by JW Weatherman on the economics of wealth creation, investment, speculation, and Bitcoin Maximalism.

30 Minutes. Bitcoin Under the Hood.

A high-level overview of the Bitcoin software and its network that is appropriate for someone who is not a software developer.

1 Hour. Shelling Out: The Origins of Money.

An excellent paper by Nick Szabo that is widely regarded as one of the best resources to understand money and the role Bitcoin is going to play globally.

1 Hour. Money, Blockchains, and Social Scalability.

Discover why the hidden secret to Bitcoin’s success is its prolific resource consumption and poor computational scalability and how those two features are buying something even more valuable: social scalability. This is something few understand.

1 Hour. Bitcoin Threat Model.

Look at Bitcoin through the eyes of an attacker to gain a greater understanding of the likelihood of Bitcoin’s success in becoming global, electronic cash.

1 Hour. Human Threat Model.

The Human Threat Model will give you a solid grasp of the current forms of human slavery that are still in existence. It reveals how socialism, prohibition, and legal tender slavery are actually subtle and devious forms of slavery. It also covers why Bitcoin is humankind’s best shot to bring about the end of slavery in ALL of its forms (once and for all).

15 Minutes. Lightning Network Overview.

Learn how Bitcoin can scale to over a million transactions per second using cleverly delayed transactions.

1 Hour. Simplicity Smart Contracts.

Learn how Bitcoin will securely support complex smart contracts where other blockchains have failed.

30 Minutes. Liquid Sidechain.

Learn how sidechains allow Bitcoin to enable new features quickly and safely.